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Welcome to AI Transformation Day #2


Are you looking for concrete tools as well as inspiration for how to systematically work with AI in your organization? Join us for the second edition of AI Transformation Day!

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden


Last AI Transformation Day, we introduced the field of AI Transformation, laying the groundwork and introducing a model for how to systematically work with AI. Click here to watch the recorded event and learn more.

This time around we will dive into some concrete tools and talk about ways to apply them in your organization to accelerate your AI journey.

AI Maturity Assessment Tool
To get started on any journey you need to understand where you’re starting from. Our new AI Maturity Assessment Tool will help with exactly this and it is available for all Swedish organisations to use! We will introduce the tool, give you the reasons for why to use it, and explain how to use it to plan your AI journey.

Let us introduce you to AI Sweden's new data driven platform for collaboration “My AI”. Taking a holistic approach to the whole ecosystem and bringing it all together to deliver insights and tools for you to work with. This is your personal interface to the world of AI!

If you want to watch the live stream together with others at one of our offices, please click here:

AI Sweden, Stockholm Office

AI Sweden, Gothenburg Office

AI Sweden, Örebro Office

AI Sweden, Linköping Office

N.B. The event will be held in Swedish.

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