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Welcome to AI Sweden Talent Day!

There is a global shortage of skills in the field of AI and countries world wide are competing to attract the best AI talent. How do we ensure a strong Swedish ecosystem that attracts the best talent both nationally and internationally? And what concrete initiatives are already underway?

Join us on February 7, as we open the doors to the second edition of AI Sweden Talent Day!
We will discuss the success factors behind talent attraction, how to strengthen the attractiveness of the Swedish ecosystem, what we can learn from the best internationally, and dive into current and new talent programs that our partners can take part of. 

AI Sweden Talent Day is especially for organizations looking to recruit more talent and those of you who are responsible for recruitment.  

When: February 7, 2022
Time: 13.00-16.00
Place: Online 

Agenda for AI Sweden Talent Day

Competition for talent

We will begin by examining the current landscape of talent - what does the competition for talent actually look like, what are the real-world implications of a lack of AI competence? And what are countries, ecosystems and organizations doing about it? We will look for inspiration abroad and learn from one of the best AI ecosystems worldwide - Canada.

Key Note Speaker

Anne Boyle, Ecosystem Performance Director, Forum IA, Québec, Canada

Sweden as a talent destination

Returning home to Sweden, we will discuss how to build a Swedish ecosystem that is attractive to the very best AI talent both nationally and internationally. What is important to AI talent looking for new opportunities, and in what ways should these insights inform how organizations work with talent attraction - as well as retention.

Key Note Speakers

Patrick Walsh, Talent Attraction Expert, TalentVentureGroup
Markus Åberg, Strategic Skills Supply Specialist, Academic Work

Co-creating talent opportunities

Creating an attractive ecosystem and space for talent takes cooperation. Our panelists will discuss how to co-create talent opportunities together, and show how AI Sweden can support partners in doing so. And don’t miss the brand new Talent Program that will be launched together with Combitech!

Presentations by

Jessica Öberg, CEO Combitech
Johan Gunnarsson, CTO Combitech


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