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Webinar: Covid-19 support for startups


The Corona virus (Covid-19) and the effects of the pandemic have become one of the most important issues for companies, governments and individuals. In this webinar, AI Innovation of Sweden is teaming up with IT & Telekomföretagen to support and try to guide startups and smaller companies on what to do to counter the effects.

Arranged by: 
AI Innovation of Sweden and IT & Telecom companies

During the webinar, we will answer questions about support programs, employer questions, the current status, layoffs and what support there is for startups.

The moderator for the event is Pär Nygårds, IT&Telekomföretagen.


  • Welcome / intro - IT&T and AI Innovation of Sweden
  • Current situation in the industry and business - Christina Ramm-Ericsson, Business Policy Manager IT&T
  • What should you think of as an employer? - Johan Mann, Head of Negotiation, IT&T
  • What support is there for startups? - AI Innovation of Sweden
  • What does AI Innovation of Sweden do, briefly about support and current activities
  • What does IT&T do, short on support and current activities
  • Final words - IT&T and AI Innovation of Sweden

The event will be held in Swedish. 

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