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Webinar: Building Swedish language models


You can by this webinar hear Peltarion, Vinnova and the National Library of Sweden share their perspectives and first initial results in the project "Language models for Swedish authorities".

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The progress in NLP in recent years has been staggering. However, most of the research focuses on non-Swedish text, and we need to make sure that these techniques also work for Swedish use cases. This is critical, for example, when developing innovative and cost-efficient public services.

One of the most prominent Swedish initiatives in this direction is the Swedish language models for Swedish authorities project. The initiative is a three-year project funded by Vinnova, where RISE, LTU, Peltarion, the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and AI Innovation of Sweden are participating in building up Swedish language models using the latest NLP techniques. We are just in the initial stages of the project, but we already have some initial results that we would like to share with you.

Webinar starts at 6 pm.

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Read more about project Language models for Swedish authorities here