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Virtual Conference on Applied AI


We are happy to announce the launch of AI+, a three-day virtual conference on applied artificial intelligence (AI). The aim is to share knowledge and look forward to connecting problem owners with problem solvers.

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Take charge of your business development with applied AI!

The ambition AI+ is a new international conference and will be held for the first time on 15-17 September 2020 as a digital prelaunch to a conference in Halden, Norway, in 2021. The purpose of AI+ is to offer an arena for competence sharing and interaction within the field of applied AI, which will provide a solid foundation for succeeding with computer-driven economics and innovation.

An overall goal is to create societal and business development, and contribute to reaching UN's sustainable development goals.

AI+ topics 2020

  • Enabling Technologies
  • Environment & Sustainability 
  • Smart City & Mobility
  • Ethics, Laws & Regulations
  • Industry & Energy
  • General/engaging topic
  • Health

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About the conference
AI+ is a fellowship between industrial partners IFE, eSmart Systems, Smart Innovation Norway and Halden municipality. Simultaneously, Østfold University College, in partnership with IFE, will organize an academic conference on the same topic, called International Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence (ICAPAI 2020). The academic conference targets the innovation and research community, as well as academic attendees. Both AI+ and ICAPAI will share the same virtual conference platform.