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Trust in AI

30 January 2020 15:00 to 16:00
Quark, floor 3, House Patricia, Forskningsgången 6, Lindholmen
In connection to a growing interest in artificial intelligence from a social science perspective there is a need to discuss a range of questions along the lines of how to design machine learning systems so as to operate in the context of human users.

How are we to create systems that retain some sensitivity to the cognitive, communicational and organizational practices in which they are embedded? And also, in what ways could the scientific understanding of such processes and practices help inform the deployment of new systems?

To set up a place for these kinds of discussions to be had, we will be organizing a new academic seminar series at the Department of Applied IT. The aim is to have a format that mixes different kinds of contributions. These can be technical presentations, presentations by external guests, or text-based discussions that address methodological or theoretical issues. We invite faculty, students and people from industry who want to join us in these dialogues.

In order to further enable participation from the outside we will live stream the seminars. (

The aim of the meeting is twofold. First, we will introduce the newly started WASP-HS project Professional Trust and Autonomous Systems. Second, we invite discussion of a particular conceptual understanding of trust and how this might inform the study of artificial intelligence.

Arranged by University of Gothenburg.