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Swedish NLP webinars 2021


This is a webinar series for people who work with, or are interested in, NLP. The idea is to provide a platform for both academic researchers and industry practitioners to present, listen to, and discuss recent work in NLP.

Arranged by: 
RISE NLU Group and AI Sweden

About the Swedish NLP webinars

By practitioners, for practitioners
The main focus of the webinars is NLP development in Sweden and for the Swedish language, but international breakthroughs may also be discussed. Each webinar features an initial 45-minute presentation that covers recent work that in some sense is relevant for Swedish NLP, followed by 45 minutes of discussion.


Wednesday, September 29, 14:00-15:30 pm
Styliani Katsarou, Peltarion:
Improving Multilingual Models for the Swedish Language: Exploring Cross­Lingual Transferability and Stereotypical Biases
We explore whether a multilingual model can be improved for Swedish, through the lens of zero-shot cross-lingual transferability. Taking into account the responsibilities that arise from the increased use of such models in real-world applications, we also focus on bias detection with respect to gender.

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