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Swedish Language Data Lab - Final Webinar


Welcome to the final webinar in the project Swedish Language Data Lab! During this webinar, results and insights gathered in the project Swedish Language Data Lab will be presented. The aim is to share results, models, and insights to accelerate the development of Swedish Language Technology.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden
Recorded Future
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Are you interested in Language Technology for Swedish? Is your organization working with language technology, or thinking of doing so? Let's meet up on the 2nd of June to take part in the results of the project Swedish Language Datalab, where AI experts, academia and the public sector in close collaboration have developed language models and data sharing insights.

You can expect to hear more on questions like "Where do you find Swedish text data to develop your language models?", "What legal aspects do you need to think of when working with Swedish text data?", "Where do you find ready-to-use models for your project?" and also, listen to and be part of discussing the future of sharing Swedish text data with open access in relation to GDPR and copyright legislation. 

The webinar is open for public and private organizations and anyone interested in, or working with Language Technology and NLP. 

Date and time: 2nd of June 13:30-15:00

13:30-13:40        Introduction - AI Sweden
13:40-14:00        Language Models - Recorded Future
14:00-14:10        Dialogue perspective - Talkamatic
14:10-14:20        Use cases - SKR
14:20-14:30        Break
14:30-14:40        Legal insights when sharing data - AI Sweden
14:40-14:55        Panel discussion - AI Sweden, Talkamatic, Språkbanken, Recorded Future, KB
14:55-15:00        Sum up and next step

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