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Start your AI-journey - matchmaking workshop

Lindholmspiren 11, Gothenburg

Does your organization have a project idea that includes Machine Learning? Or are you a Swedish AI-expert looking for an exciting project? Together you can apply for 500,000 SEK from Vinnova to support your project. Meet at AI Innovation of Sweden matchmaking workshop 10 Dec.

Arranged by: 
AI Innovation of Sweden

In this matchmaking workshop we would like to connect project idea owners with AI experts and developers. Together you can start an exciting applied project and apply for up to 500,000 SEK from Vinnova and the contribution can represent up to 75% of the total costs of the project.

The Vinnova call "Start your AI journey" turnes to companies/organizations and public organizations with 10-499 employee that would like to perform a first innovation project to build knowledge and capacity within the domain. Universities, colleges and institutes can participate as “AI / ML experts” but cannot be the party that starts their AI journey. Read more about the Vinnova call here

Want to participate in the workshop?

Please register below. In order to pitch your idea or expertise, please send one (1) ppt slide to by December 5 the latest. Each idea and expert will have 2 minutes each to pitch. 

Time: Tuesday December 10 
Venue: AI Innovation of Sweden, Lindholmspiren 11, Gothenburg

The workshop is split into two sessions:
9.00-11.00 SME:s. Program>
13.00-16.00 Public Organizations Program >

Read more and register here