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Spotlight on Research with Simon Olsson


​Welcome to Chalmers AI Research Centre, CHAIR Spotlight on Research. In this series of AI short talks it is time to meet Simon Olsson, since quite recentely Assistant Professor for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the Data Science and AI section of Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers. On Friday October 9th he will talk about Machine learning for the molecular sciences.​

Arranged by: 
Chalmers AI Research Centre

The first series of CHAIR Spotlight Research talks have the theme “New Chalmers researchers on the spot!”, meaning that researchers that came to Chalmers in the last three years are giving these talks. ​​​


In this talk, I will briefly outline synergistic opportunities between the molecular sciences and machine learning. I will then outline two of our recent papers to illustrate how machine learning can play a critical role in the sampling and approximation problem facing molecular simulations. I will end on a few comments on how these insights can inspire future research in machine learning.

About the speaker:

In 2013 the University of Copenhagen awarded Simon Olsson a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics for his work in probabilistic modeling of protein ensembles from averaged data under Thomas Hamelryck. Following his Ph.D., he was award several postdoctoral fellowships to spend time, first in Switzerland at the ETH Zürich and IRB Bellinzona, and later in Germany at the Freie Universität Berlin. Simons research focuses on the interface between machine learning and experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects of the natural sciences. As for October 2020, Simon is Assistant Professor for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the Data Science and AI section of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers

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About CHAIR Spotlight on Research​​​​​​
Chalmers AI Research Centre, CHAIR Spotlight on Research is a series of AI short talks hosting researchers from Chalmers. The seminars are targeted towards experts from the Chair Consortium core partners as well as other Chalmers researchers.

The aim is to increase awareness of AI at Chalmers between Chalmers researchers and AI experts in industry. In the seminars, speakers present an overview of their current research and thoughts for new research, ideas, challenges – anything they believe to be of interest for other researchers. The seminar is taking place online and is scheduled to contain 30 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of discussion. The seminars are open to all and are free of charge. CHAIR Spotlight Research talks are taking place on Fridays 13:00-13:45.