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Partner Breakfast Seminar with University of Borås


By this morning seminars, we want to explore a platform for partners within AI Sweden to meet, discuss, and find new touching points. In the seminars, our partners present different topics related to AI and technology. We encourage a vivid discussion among the participants in the second half of the meeting.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

Theme: AI assisted dynamic warehouse optimisation

The AI Sweden partner, University of Borås will in this seminar show that true dynamic warehouse management is possible through the use of a multidisciplinary optimisation approach based on a layered GPU architecture. They are eager to discuss how these finding can be useful for others in the partnership. Also participating is ProFlow, with which the university has a collaboration on GPU architecture.

Speakers: Charlotte Elmquist, CEO Proflow, Magnus Bengtsson, Associate Professor, University of Borås, Jonas Waidringer, Associate Professor University of Borås

Day and time: April 8, 08.00 - 9.00 am.
Place: Welcome to participate in our Stockholm or Gothenburg office or online.

Partners only!

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