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Partner Breakfast Seminar, November 19

Online, Gothenburg and Stockholm

At this week's partner breakfast, we will meet and listen to Carl-Johan Hoel, Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Chalmers University of Technology. Carl - Johan has just defended his PhD thesis and will give us a brief summary and some thoughts on how to utilise the findings in the future.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

Theme: Decision-Making in Autonomous Driving using Reinforcement Learning  

This presentation gives an overview of Carl - Johans research on how a learning-based decision-making agent for autonomous driving can be created. Different reinforcement learning methods are considered, and there is a special focus on how the agent can provide an estimate of its confidence in different decisions. More information is available here

Day and time: November 19, 08.00 - 9.00 am.                            

We continue with the hybrid format of our breakfasts with live breakfast meeting, both in Gothenburg and Stockholm in parallel to the digital meeting!

Partners only!



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