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Partner Breakfast Seminar


By this morning seminars, we want to explore a platform for partners within AI Sweden to meet, discuss, and find new touching points. In the seminars, our partners present different topics related to AI and technology. We encourage a vivid discussion among the participants in the second half of the meeting.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

Theme: Introducing 3DAI City -using AI with image data to help manage the urban and roadside environment

Speaker: Jonathan Selbie, CEO Univrses

Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and AI company. The company has developed 3DAI™ City, a cost-effective and scalable answer to the growing demand for timely, relevant and actionable data about the urban environment. The platform works by deploying a smartphone on a vehicle already operating in the city.

Images and other sensor readings are processed “at the edge” by Univrses’ perception software to detect and map urban and roadside features. Special hardware or sensing vehicles, which only add congestion, cost and pollution, are not needed.

Day and time: March 4, 08.00 - 9.00 am.     

Welcome to participate in our Stockholm or Gothenburg office or online.
Partners only.

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