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NLP Seminar

Online only this time!

The NLP Seminar Series at AI Sweden is a bi-weekly forum for people who work with or are interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden and RISE NLP Group

Sebastian Riedel (FAIR/UCL): Parametric vs Nonparametric Knowledge, and what we can learn from Knowledge Bases

Abstract: Traditionally, AI and Machine Learning communities have considered knowledge from the perspective of discrete vs continuous representations, knowledge bases (KBs) vs dense vectors or logic vs algebra. While these are important dichotomies, in this talk I will argue that we should put more focus on another: parametric vs non-parametric modelling. Roughly, in the former a fixed set of parameters is used, in the latter parameters grow with data. I will explain recent advances in knowledge intensive NLP from this perspective, show the benefit of hybrid approaches, and discuss KBs as non-parametric approaches with relatively crude assumptions about what future information needs will be. By replacing these assumptions with a learnt model, we show that such “modern KBs” are a very attractive alternative or complement to current approaches.


By practitioners, for practitioners

Each seminar features an initial 45-minute presentation by practitioners or researchers followed by discussion. The NLP Seminar Series is organized by AI Sweden and RISE NLP Group, and moderated by Magnus Sahlgren, Head of Research, Natural Language Understanding at AI Sweden and Joakim Nivre, Head of Natural Language Processing at RISE.

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