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National city lab - workshop 2

AI Sweden Gothenburg, Lindholmspiren 11

AI Sweden invites partners to a workshop introducing the new National City Lab and discussing how to get started with AI ​​in our municipalities in Sweden.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden & Helsingborg stad

Together with AI Sweden, the city of Helsingborg has launched a national AI lab for smart cities. It goes by the name National City Lab and aims to solve challenges in smart cities with the help of applied AI solutions and through cross-functional collaboration.

Now it is time for workshop no. 2 in the construction of the National city lab. The day will consist of workshops, networking and presentations from a couple of AI Sweden partners about concrete implementations they have made and how this can be spread across the country.

Missed out on workshop no. 1? Rewatch it here. You did not have to attend workshop no. 1 in order to attend workshop no. 2.

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The workshop will be held in Swedish!