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LiU SAI – Scene for AI

Lövverket, Campus Valla, Linköpings University

The idea with Scene for AI is to generate interest and be a natural gathering place for everybody who is interested in AI, thereby stimulating collaborations both within the university, local businesses and with other regional national and international actors interested in AI.

Arranged by: 
Linköping University & AI Sweden

Thursday 5th of September 
Lövverket, Studenthuset
Campus Valla, Linköpings University

14.30-15.15 - Welcome! Have a cup of coffee, meet SICK and mingle around.
15.15-16.00 - Ola Friman talk - Industrial AI and Machine Vision (more info below)

AI & Deep Learning technology is rapidly advancing the visual perception capabilities of machines. In this presentation, trends in the industrial manufacturing and logistics automation supported by AI will be presented, with a focus on Machine Vision and autonomous cameras. SICK is a global company producing sensors that provide both the data and AI for automation in the industrial domain. SICK Linköping are specialized in Machine Vision and software for embedded industrial 2D & 3D cameras. The presentation will also include demonstrations of sensor-level edge AI and the cameras they are developing.

Ola Friman is Head of R&D Machine Vision at SICK, a global company developing industrial sensors for manufacturing and logistics automation. Ola Friman has a background in Computer Vision and Image Processing, and he holds PhD and docent degrees from Linköping University, where he has also been teaching courses in Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

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All events will be open for academia, industry and the general public. However, the specific target groups, technical depth and language will vary from event to event. All the events will be recorded and available to watch afterwards.

This event will be held in English. Today's lecture will be available digitally afterwards and will not be streamed live.