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Launch of the Edge AnnotationZ Challenge


The automotive industry stands on the verge of a great revolution of autonomous driving. New breakthroughs in automatic annotation is one key to make it become reality on a larger scale. Join us to learn more about this challenge and how you can take part in solving it!

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden and Zenseact

Join us on the 14th of December for an event that marks the opening of the application for the Challenge of automatic annotation using road data! 

Why should you participate in the release event?

  • You are part of the machine learning community and want hear all about the Challenge and how you can be part of solving it
  • You want to get early access to the Zenseact dataset
  • You want to be inspired by speakers such as the CEO of Zenseact, and leaders from the automotive industry
  • You are keen to learn about the Road Data Lab project
  • You wonder how participating in the Challenge can lead to other potential career opportunities
  • You want to learn more about why it is crucial for industry and corporates to share their data

More details on the agenda can be found here.
A Zoom link will be shared ahead of the meeting.

AI Sweden and Zenseact, together with RISE, Lund University, Chalmers Industriteknik, Univrses and CGit and in collaboration with MobilityXlab.

About the Challenge
The Challenge will focus on automatic annotation for edge learning and will be based on a ready-to-use, top-quality and anonymized road dataset provided by Zenseact. 

State-of-the-art compute power in the form of a DGX-A 100 will be provided for the competing teams by AI Sweden and CGit. 

The teams are in the running for a Grand Challenge prize sum of 50 000 SEK (approximately 5,000 USD).

Teams will compete during this Challenge, and a specified timeline for this will be presented shortly. The selected teams will start working on the Challenge on January 21 and end February 3, 2022.

Read more about the Challenge here

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