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Improved energy efficiency in real estate with the help of AI

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden
IoT World

In Ebbepark, energy consumption (heating, cooling, electricity) is controlled and measured through a common Scada system. Today, this system needs to be monitored and regulated by operating technicians. A desire has emerged to be able to partially control this system through AI in order to be able to detect and handle the need for corrections, which would otherwise require a operations technician. Together with IoT World, Test bed Ebbepark is working on a project to find solutions on how AI can support the goal of lower energy consumption. The project can lead to a faster regulation - which will reduce energy consumption in the area, a reduced load on the energy system in general, lower costs for residents and operators in the area.

At this workshop, we will present a feasibility study done on the subject, and we will then jointly discuss possible approaches to projects that could take Test bed Ebbepark further. You as a participant can suggest technology, project layouts, demonstrators etc that could be implemented within the framework of IoT World where your company is responsible for a larger or smaller part of the project.

This workshop will be held in Swedish.

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