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How can people with intellectual disabilities learn and understand AI?


The test bed AllAgeHub contains activities to increase understanding and stimulate the application of AI-based technology in healthcare.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden
Västra Götalandsregionen

A special focus concerns how people with intellectual disabilities through educational efforts can gain knowledge and understanding of AI and thus can be involved in decisions about their own use of AI-based technology. People with intellectual disabilities have the same needs and rights to understand and be involved in which technical solutions one wants to use. But how can we make the new technology understandable to everyone? 

This is a lecture from the digital event Innovation week. 

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The seminar is part of Innovationsveckan 2020, a platform for everyone who develops the public sector. We create the program together, with activities locally and digitally. All actors who contribute to the public sector being able to meet the challenges of the future,  are welcome to arrange activities during the week. Innovation Week is coordinated by SKR, Vinnova, the Procurement Authority and DIGG.
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