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GPT-3, the latest evolution in language technology – What is the big deal?


Welcome to a webinar on GPT-3! AI Sweden together with the National Library of Sweden and RISE, invite you to learn more about the new GPT-3 language model.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden
National Library of Sweden

Just before summer, OpenAI published their article describing the latest generation of their language prediction models; GPT-3.

GPT-3 is described as the most powerful language model developed so far, outstanding in creating human text of many different kinds. Demonstrations show GPT-3 writing poetry, news texts, and program code. In other words - the potential application possibilities are immense. But with new possibilities comes responsibility in being aware of what other, more indirect effects the technology may have. 

The webinar is divided into two sessions, both including presentations followed by moderated Q&As.

13.00- 14.00: Introduction to GPT-3 

  • What is a language model and what distinguishes GPT-3 from other models?

  • How can it be applied, and how can the Swedish AI ecosystem benefit from it?

  • What challenges does the technology present from an ethical, democratic and sustainability perspective?

Speakers: Magnus Sahlgren, Head of Natural Language Processing at RISE, Love Börjeson, Director of KBLab and Martin Malmsten, Senior Data Scientist, KBLab at National Library of Sweden
Moderator: Anders Thoresson, AI Sweden

14.00- 15.00: Technical session

A technical deep dive including how GPT-3 works, when it performs well and when it fails, and how it is possible to train such a large language model.

Speaker: Ariel Ekgren, Research Scientist at RISE
Moderator: Johanna Bergman, AI Sweden

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