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Forensics Challenge: AI-Powered Investigations


Are you in high school (Swedish "gymnasium") or recently graduated and have an interest in artificial intelligence and how it can be used for good purposes? Sign up for the Forensics Challenge: AI-Powered Investigations!

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

Join AI Sweden, the Swedish Police Authority, Linköping University, Visual SwedenSpotscale and Norrköping Visualization Center in this digital forensics challenge, addressing the use of AI in crime investigations. Sign up for the challenge before April 28th! 

More about the challenge and sign up here

General information

Developments in digital forensics provide completely new tools for investigating, tracking and preventing crime. While crimes such as fraud using deep fakes, hijacking identities or using false senders of emails are increasing, digital tools for combating crime are becoming more advanced. The development of new technologies, such as AI, can provide the Police with new powerful tools and methods to investigate and solve crimes, and for finding and arresting cybercriminals. This challenge aims at finding new ways to use AI for solving crimes, which could result in resources that will be used by the forensics teams at the Police!

The challenge

The mission is to help the Swedish Police (National Forensics Center) to develop new and exciting ways to work smarter and better with digital assistants. The goal is to create useful tools using AI to make the police and NFC work more efficiently in forensic investigations solving crimes.

You do not need to be an AI expert, or programming-ace to win - it is the team's creativity and engagement that will be rewarded, and all you need to participate is a standard laptop/computer.

More about the challenge can be found here.

More about the prize can be found here.


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