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Φ-lab@Sweden Kickoff - Machine Learning Onboard Spacecraft

Stockholm & Online

ESA and AI Sweden have joined forces to enable the next generation of spacecraft to train machine learning models onboard at the new Φ-lab@Sweden. Now, we want you to join us in advancing the peaceful and civil use of machine learning in space.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden
European Space Agency
Swedish National Space Agency

Image credit: PICASSO CubeSat

At Φ-lab @Sweden, projects related to tracking climate change, monitoring disease outbreaks, detecting natural disasters and even deep space science missions will be studied by the researchers. But this is just the beginning and with this event, we would like to invite you to join us on this exciting journey to push the frontier of onboard machine learning in space. We want to hear your ideas and thoughts to identify potential collaborations between academia, the public and the private sector.

At the kickoff event, collaborators from AI Sweden, European Space Agency (ESA) and the Swedish National Space Agency (Rymdstyrelsen) will showcase the planned research and explain the envisioned collaboration opportunities. A special keynote will be given by our invited speaker, Dr. Rochelle Schneider, ESA, on her cutting-edge research predicting Dengue outbreaks, which has been awarded as a “2021 Global Top 100 AI solution for sustainable development.”

The main part of the event, however, is about you, the participants. With Φ-lab @Sweden, we aim to build a community of all interested parties. The event will allow you to connect to other actors in the field and to interact and plan the activities of Φ-lab @Sweden with us. 

Dr. Rochelle Schneider, ESA
Dr. Tobias Edman, Swedish National Space Agency
Dr. Vinutha Magal Shreenath, AI Sweden
Dr. Pablo Gómez, ESA & AI Sweden
Dr. Gabriele Meoni, ESA & AI Sweden

Day and time:
November 8, 15:30-17:00

On site - AI Sweden Office in Stockholm at Fleminggatan 41
Online - virtually via Zoom. 

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