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Explore AI as the Key to Growth


Are you in a growing company with access to large amounts of data, and want to know if AI technology can be used to improve your offering?

Arranged by: 
Linköping Science Park
Swedish Scaleups och AI Sweden

You now have the opportunity to apply for participation in a free program of workshops and individual coaching that teaches you the potential of AI technology related to your products and business. We have gathered a group of experts who will give you an understanding of AI, an opportunity to test applying AI and be able to discuss how AI can be used in your particular application and how it can change your business.

Themes within the program include:

  • Where does AI technology stand today?
  • What can be legal restrictions?
  • Applying AI to an example to gain solid experience.
  • How are business models affected by AI technology?
  • How can AI create more customer value?


Workshop 1 18/3
Workshop 2 15/4
Workshop 3 6/5

Coaching opportunity 1 v. 12-13
Coaching opportunity 2 v. 16-17
Coaching opportunity 3 v. 19-20

The program will be held in Swedish.

Read more and register here!