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Deep Dive Sessions for Data Scientists


Join our deep dive sessions for data scientists!
The deep dive sessions are intended for experienced data scientists or similar functions that are implementing and applying AI in their work. The meetups are intended to provide a neutral arena for attendees to meet and discuss relevant topics, getting inspiration and learning from each other. 

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

Join our deep-dive sessions for data scientists!

We will meet once every 6 weeks for 2-3 hours depending on the topic and this site will be updated with dates and topic for the different sessions.

During the sessions, we will meet and listen to an expert. The participants will have a lot of time to interact around questions connected to the topic.  

26th of May 2021 - Data quality in computer vision

Developing products that rely on computer vision requires access to training and validation data. The performance of your computer vision system will be determined by the quality of the data used to train your algorithms. During this deep dive, we will give examples of performance requirements that might be relevant for your computer vision system, and what that means for the training and validation data you use. We will also give examples of how you can quantify perception data quality, measure it effectively, and how to ultimately use it to determine if your product is good enough for your intended application.

Expert and speaker: Daniel Langkilde, Annotell 

Max Participants: 45
Education level: Advanced
Fee: The course is free

Sign up before the 20 th of May.

The sessions are only available to AI Sweden's partners.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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