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Deep Dive Sessions for Data Scientists


Join our deep-dive sessions for data scientists! The deep-dive sessions are intended for experienced data scientists or similar functions that are implementing and applying AI in their work. The meetups are intended to provide a neutral arena for attendees to meet and discuss relevant topics, get inspiration, and learn from each other.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

During the sessions, we will meet and listen to one or two experts. You will have time to interact around questions connected to the topic with both the participants and experts. The sessions are only available to AI Sweden's partners.



Attention, the heart of transformers, to improve Information extraction

Attention is a key component in the field of Natural Language Processing as it forms the base of transformers. In this session, we will first provide insight into the concept of attention by applying it in a simplified setting. We will discuss it in the setting of information extraction and machine translation. Information extraction that creates structured information from unstructured sources, uses attention to integrate external knowledge into the algorithm to improve the performance. Once we have a notion of what attention is, we will give an introduction to the architecture of transformers and the basic models implementing this architecture.

Speaker: Severine Verlinden, AI Developer Language Technology, MSc

Max Participants: 45
Education level: Advanced
Language: English
Fee: The course is free and for partners only!

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