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Data Factory Series - Swiss Data Science Center & Google


AI Innovation of Sweden are hosting a series of webinars going deeper into the subject Federated Learning related to the strategic area of Decentralized AI. For this second episode AI Innovation of Sweden has invited Swiss Data Science Center and thereafter Google to discuss their work on Decentralized AI.

Arranged by: 
AI Innovation of Sweden

Agenda Swiss Data Science Center (9-10 am):

During the first hour AI Innovation of Sweden has invited Swiss Data Science Center to present the Swiss Data Custodian - a Knowledge sharing platform: secure data vault + privacy preserving computing - From data ownership to the ownership of its use.

  • Introduction from AI Innovation of Sweden
  • Swiss Data Custodian, presentation by Eric Bouillet, Chief Architect and Head of Engineering at Swiss Data Science Center
  • Q&A

More information about the Swiss Data Custodian can be found here >

Agenda Google (10-11 am)

For the second part of the webinar Google has been invited to present their work on Federated Learning.

  • Introduction to Federated Learning
  • Federated Learning Use Cases
  • TensorFlow Federated
  • Demo
  • Open Challenges
  • Q&A

Warm Welcome!
AI Innovation of Sweden, Swiss Data Science Center and Google


This event is for partners only.

Are you a partner to AI Innovation of Sweden and have not got an invitation? Ask your AI Innovation contact in your organisation to receive invitations and updates. 

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