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Data Factory series - Swarm learning with HPE


AI Innovation of Sweden will during the coming months go deeper into the subject Federated Learning by arranging a series of webinars related to the strategic area of Decentralized AI.

Arranged by: 
AI Innovation of Sweden

To the first seminar, we have invited HPE to present their concept of Swarm Learning – privacy preserved decentralized machine learning. 


  • Challenges in today’s machine learning.
  • Swarm Learning - Decentralized machine learning.
  • Couple of use cases.
  • How to convert existing ML model into Swarm model.
  • How to deploy and use.


Warm Welcome

AI Innovation of Sweden and HPE


This event is for partners only.

Are you a partner to AI Innovation of Sweden and have not got an invitation? Ask your AI Innovation contact in your organisation to receive invitations and updates. 

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