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The Data Factory Day and grand opening of Edge Lab!

The Data Factory is a cornerstone not only of AI Sweden, but of some of our most exciting projects together with our partners. It contains state of the art compute power, storage and data for AI training. Even more importantly, it comprises the Test Bed for data factory solutions, know-how on how to set up data factories and technical and legal competence. This enables our partners to both share large datasets and collaborate with each other. One successful and recent example is the Adipocyte Cell Imaging Challenge. 

We therefore want to invite you to the Data Factory Day! This will be a chance for you to explore what the national Data Factory is and how you as a partner can best use and benefit from it. We will showcase use cases and do a deep dive into the infrastructure and technology. 

The Data Factory Day will also hold the grand opening of the groundbreaking Edge Lab that will enable experimenting with distributed learning and edge computing.

Date: January 27, 2021
Time : From morning to lunch
Place: Online

Read more and sign up here!