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Data Bakery - a workshop on data together with Smartr!


How do you kickstart a data-driven organisation? And how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the data revolution? The Data Bakery is a workshop format, developed by our partner Smartr, that can help organizations become more data driven and unlock the potential value of their data!

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden and Smartr

The Data Bakery is a simple and clear workshop-style game that quickly creates a common frame of reference, understanding of opportunities, needs and challenges linked to data for the different parts of a company, and a clear recipe for an efficient and applicable data strategy going forward.

The webinar will introduce you to this new framework, providing your team with a tool for ensuring that data initiatives are viable (they make or save money), desirable (they meet the needs of users) and feasible (they are technically possible based on what data is available).

Speakers: David Griffith-Jones & Viktor Olsbo

Pre-session: Mon August 31, 08.30-09.15
Main Session: Tue September 8, 09.00-12.00

Warm welcome!

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