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Data Bakery - a workshop on data


In October, we had a webinar on insights about data-driven mindset, explored approaches of how you can increase insight, improve agility and bring new value to critical business processes.

Arranged by: 
Smartr and AI Sweden

Now, it’s time to put everything into practice and learn how you can innovate and develop new data-driven ideas for your organization. One of the tools to encourage a data-driven mindset is the Data Bakery developed by Smartr.

The Data Bakery is a simple and clear workshop-style game that quickly creates a common frame of reference, understanding of opportunities, needs, and challenges linked to data for the different parts of a company. At the end of the game, we will have clear recipes for an efficient and applicable data strategy to go forward.

We will show you how it can help you to enable and boost cross-functional engagement through data literacy, and how you can develop data-del concepts that are feasible, desirable, and viable. Therefore, unlocking the potential value of your data and kickstarting your data-driven journey. 

We have limited spots available: first-come, first-served basis! 
Preparations: None 
Participants: Join alone or we recommend as a team of 3 from your organization 

Time: 9:00 to 12:00
Date: 23rd of November 
Spots: 24

The seminar is online and will be held in English! 

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