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Data Bakery by Smartr


Most organizations are well aware of the importance of data. Described as the new gold- data is the most important asset for a successful business today. As most of us are aware, everything we do online today, and offline collects data. Although the awareness of the importance of data, 73.4% of companies still report business adoption of Big Data and AI initiatives as a challenge. This may seem high, but not all that surprising considering big data tools have historically left most business people out of the conversation.

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Smartr and AI Sweden

Join our session where we will deep-dive into topics of data-driven organization & provide you with the reasons why organizations fail to adopt data & AI technology. This webinar is intended for those who would like to have more insights about data-driven mindset, explore approaches of how you can increase insight, improve agility and bring new value to critical business processes. One of the tools to work with to encourage a data-driven mindset is the data bakery developed by Smartr.

We will show you how it can help you to enable and boost cross-functional engagement through data literacy, and how you can develop data-del concepts that are feasible, desirable, and viable. Smartr is the specialist agency that helps companies and organizations to use artificial intelligence to drive positive change. This means that we combine our academic expertise and practical experience to make AI understandable, value-creating and feasible. With our cutting-edge competencies within applied mathematics, statistics, and AI, we work closely together with our clients and partners as strategic advisors, facilitators, analysts, and developers, always depending on the contexts and the needs.

The inspirational lecture is given by Anna Hüllert & Erika Pauliukeviciute at Smartr.

Anna Hüllert is a product owner of Data Bakery at Smartr with experience in automation, innovation, and business design in sectors such as industry, finance, and healthcare.

Erika Pauliukeviciute is a project manager and data visualization analyst at Smartr with experience in data science & strategy. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Economics & has a Masters's in Data Science; two subjects that allow her to bridge the gap between business and data science.


The seminar is online and will be held in English! 

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