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Create your own smart infrastructure


Smart transportation infrastructure is becoming the vein of our safe and fossil free future societies. From enabling smart, maintenance free roads to connecting autonomous cars in direct communication to the infrastructure to enhance safety...many technologies for smart transportation infrastructures are being developed right now, but we are missing some essential systemic interfaces that will enable their sustainable implementation. Can you be the team that helps come up with "The Concept" that makes smart infrastructure a reality?

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Campus 2030


Enabling future applications on top of data from IOT, sensors, LIDAR, weather, traffic and road network information is key to building smart infrastructure. Campus2030 is therefore launching a hackathon encouraging anyone interested in smart infrastructure to apply.


We believe diversity is key to great innovation!  

If you are someone who works in areas connected to transportation infrastructure, or have programming skills without knowledge in this field, or think you can contribute, then sign up! You can team up with participants of complementary skills during the hackathon. 

We will have mentors and coaches who will help you along in the hackathon to come up with the best possible hack! 


To get started on your ideas, extensive data sets from smart construction, road performance and autonomous driving will be provided. Mentors from the Swedish transport administration, industry and academia will coach the groups during the day.

Read more and sign up here!