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Artificial intelligence in public decision-making: on how transparency can and cannot be used to foster legitimacy


​AI Ethics seminar with Karl de Fine Licht, Senior lecturer in Ethics and Technology at Chalmers University of Technology.

Arranged by: 
Chalmers AI Research Centre

Transparency has been a hot topic in recent years when it comes to developing- and implementing artificial intelligence (AI). This is especially so when it comes to the use of AI in public decision-making, such as when AI is used to determine whether someone should get a loan at the bank, or whether they should get social security benefits at the social services.

One of the main ideas expressed in the debate about AI in public decision-making is that these processes need to be open somehow to be legitimate, and that the opaqueness of AI systems (as opposed to human ones) poses specific challenges in this regard. In this talk, de Fine Licht will discuss how we can (and cannot) use transparency to increase legitimacy when using AI in public decision-making.

December 14, 13:15-14:15 (Swedish time)

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