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Application for Master’s Thesis Project at AI Sweden

AI Sweden, Gothenburg (this will be a physical event)

AI Sweden offers the possibility for students to work on exciting master’s thesis projects with AI Sweden partners in and around the Edge Lab at Lindholmen, Gothenburg. 

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

On October 14, AI Sweden invites students and partners to AI Sweden at Lindholmen:
- To meet and participate in an Opportunity Discovery Workshop where novel ideas, opportunities and problems related to Distributed Learning will be generated. 
- To mingle and know more about available master’s thesis projects offered by partners at AI Sweden.

At AI Sweden’s Edge Lab partners work on Decentralized Learning, for example, Federated Learning and Swarm Learning, where the key element is to conduct the Machine Learning training collaboratively between participating nodes without sharing data. Incentives to go from centralized to decentralized are motivated by privacy, data transfer and storage costs, and transfer latency.

The shift from centralized to decentralized learning has led to new algorithmic and practical challenges and, for example, opened up work on: unsupervised learning, automatic annotation, transfer learning, learning on embedded devices, algorithmic convergence and performance, communication, security and privacy.

The application is now closed!

The number of participants are limited and therefore a selected group of students will be invited, based on your answers in the application form. 

Date: October 14, 2021
Place: AI Sweden, Gothenburg (this will be a physical event)

The Edge Lab is situated in Gothenburg but working from other locations and at other AI Sweden nodes could be discussed.
Read more on decentralized learning: Federated Learning, Swarm Learning

Please contact Erik Svensson at if you have any questions.