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AI Transformation Day

Reports repeatedly draw the same conclusion; the reason organizations don’t succeed with using AI is not about technology, it is about organization, culture and mindset.Rethinking your organization to integrate AI as a natural part of your business is key to transforming into AI-ready - what we call the AI transformation journey. This requires a systematic and holistic approach that not only looks at data and the technologies that AI requires but also organization, operational model, processes, training, ecosystems, strategy and maybe most importantly mindset.

The morning will be open for the public and start with an introduction of how to integrate the right way to think about AI in your organization, and it will have speakers talking about how to approach this important topic. This session is open to all and everyone who is interested and we would like to see as many of you there as possible!

In the afternoon we will be more hands-on and offer workshops together with our partners. This part is only open for our partners and will be a great introduction to how you work with AI transformation in practice.

Come join us on April 21 at 8.30am to start your AI Transformation journey!

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