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AI Think Tank - The AI Checklist Series: #2 Bias and Ethical AI


Data is at the core of every AI solution! The AI Business Consultants at Hyper Island and AI Sweden invites you to an interactive and hands-on discussion about the importance of AI ethics and the effects of biased data.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden and Hyper Island

On the 22nd of March at 13:00, we will embark on the second out of four Think Tanks in the series of the AI Checklist. Joined by Jesse Shanahan, an expert in machine learning development, we will learn what needs to be in place for the development of AI to be successful and ethical.

Some of the topics discussed:
- Different forms of bias and where in the AI pipeline they arise
- Consequences of biased AI
- Creating informed use of AI through explainability & transparency
- Importance of having ethical AI development practices

13.00 - 13.05: Check-in & Welcome
13:06 - 13:30: Jesse Shanahan
13.31 - 13.45: Breakout room Discussions & Networking
13.46 - 13.55: Big Room Discussions & Shared Insights
13.56 - 14.00: Giveaways & Check Out


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