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AI Sweden Partner Week


It is time for the second edition of the AI Sweden Partner Week. The theme is: Value creation through AI. We will broadcast live during three morning shows on 1-3 December, between 8-9.30.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

AI Sweden Partner Week is a three-day online conference on the theme: Value creation through AI. We will be broadcasting live, with guests visiting and calling in from all over Sweden and abroad.

During this edition of the AI Sweden Partner Week, we will focus on how you, as a partner, can create value with AI, and we will provide a deep dive into three different areas:

  • DAY 1: The Data day - The importance of data and data management
  • DAY 2: The Tech Day - AI Expertise and Technology
  • DAY 3: The Business Day - The transformation for business and management

Following the morning show, there will be exclusive workshops presented by some of our partners on the topic of the day. 

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