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AI Sweden Partner Days


For the third time around, we’re inviting our partners and potential partners to join us for a full three days on everything AI! By showcasing our partners’ work - pointing to tangible use cases, exciting results and how to engage within the AI ecosystem - we want you to leave not just feeling inspired but determined to take the next step on your AI journey. Deep diving into the business side of AI, the revolution of data, and the new era of algorithms, we will show you some of the tools for making it happen. 

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AI Sweden

Have a look below for an overview of the content, with the full agenda coming soon. During the afternoons, we will give the floor to our partners to invite you all to join their presentations and workshops.

Day 1 - Creating business value with AI

What is the connection between AI and business value? And how do we unleash its full potential? Looking at success cases, leadership strategy and organizational transformation, this session intends to give you the answers to these questions.


Day 2 - The data revolution

The buzzword data has been on everyone’s lips for quite a while now - but how do we become truly data-driven? What is good quality data that can be used for sound AI solutions? And how can businesses, organizations and public actors share data to collaborate and learn from each other, not exist in silos? How do we become more data driven with the use of AI?

Day 3 - The era of algorithms

We are on the brink of a new era of algorithms - if not already there. The third day will tackle the challenges and opportunities that this brings, focusing on the models and algorithms behind AI solutions, the legal and ethical judgments that are increasingly called for, and showcasing concrete solutions that will take us into the next era. Edge AI, federated language models and much more will be on the agenda.

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Partner workshops during the afternoons


4 May 2021

13.00 How to design a Data Factory and How to Make the most of it! Workshop with CGit 

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14.15 Individual, incremental learning at the edge - Workshop with Ekkono Solutions

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15.30 Keeping up with the Red Queen - Industrialising and transforming Data Science scope and scale. Workshop with HPE 

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5 May 2021

Get expert support from Qamcom on you AI project idea! Limited spaces available.

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13.00 AiQu a new Scheduling and Orchestration tool for AI Workloads. Workshop with Simon Janeck – CGit/AIXIA

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15.00 SnapXS a powerful tool to manage and create value from large amounts of data. Workshop with Yinan Yu – CGit/AIXIA

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6 May

13.00 Federated machine learning workshop with Scaleout

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Cancelled Why we need ML Ops: Minimize time spent on the boring parts and maximize the outcome! Workshop with HPE 


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