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AI Sweden @ H22


Each of us has a part to play in creating happy, healthy, and smarter cities. For 35 days, Helsingborg invites the world to explore new twists on a sustainable city that celebrates all life. And, for the better part of the expo, AI Sweden will be present.

Arranged by: 
City of Helsingborg

"H22 City Expo is an arena for the world’s visionary leaders, urban disruptors, and crazy dreamers to explore local solutions to the global challenges that will define our future – and where cities must lead the charge. Inspire and be inspired through talks, conferences, site visits, and hackathons. Get a closer look at the latest tech, the future homes, and the newest takes on a sustainable city." –

AI Sweden on site

AI Sweden has a physical installation up and running for the better part of the expo and between June 13-16, we'll be on site physically and contribute to the program with a number of interesting events. We have compiled them all so as to make us easier to find. Come meet up!

Date Event Time Place Sign-up / More info May 30 –
July 3 Interactive installation – Smarter cities and energy optimization All day, every day HEX 22, Prisma, Oceanhamnaen, Hetch Come try it out! June 13 Future of Democracy Summit 08:00-17:00 1 Sea U, Kongressen Future of Democracy June 14 Bold leadership for tomorrow's healthcare – panel discussion with, amongst others, Mark Wolff, Chief Health and Life Sciences Analytics Strategist, SAS Institute, USA. Moderator: Karin Hübinette 08:30-09:30 Hetch, Henckels Torg 3, Helsingborg or online AI Sweden June 14 VIDA – Vårdinnovativa dagarna. AI Sweden medverkar vid programpunkterna "Speedtalks om Den omtänksamma tekniken" och "Social Innovation – vad är det?" 08:30-16:30 Helsingborg Arena Vård och omsorg Helsingborg June 14 Gör svenska politiker tillräckligt i den digitala samhällsomvandlingen? AI Sweden medverkar vid programpunkterna "Ny teknologi kommer fram och mognar i rasande fart" och "Lansering DigIT Hub och National City Lab" 09:00-17:00 Helsingborg Tech Arena, Hamntorget H22 program June 14 Rethink Education – Hur löser vi Sveriges behov av AI-talang på kort och lång sikt? (workshop) 11:45-12:30 Nicolaiskolan Rethink education June 14 Lansering av National City Lab – Ett samarbete mellan AI Sweden och Helsingborg Stad 12:00-13:00 Helsingborg Tech Arena, Hamntorget H22 program June 14 National City Lab – en tvärsektoriell testbädd dedikerad till AI-initiativ inom smartare städer 14:50-15:30 Stora scenen, Hamntorget H22 program June 14 Rethink Education – Hur kan AI stötta organisatoriskt lärande – ur ett organisatoriskt-, grupp- och individperspektiv? 16:15-17:00 Olympiaskolan Rethink Education June 15 National City Lab – Seminarie och workshop med intressenter för uppbyggnad av nationell testbädd för smarta städer. 13:00-16:00 HEX 22, Prisma, Oceanhamnaen, Hetch H22 program