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On November 18, it´s time for the fourth edition of AI SUMMIT. During the event, you will get the latest in AI and meet key people in the field.

Arranged by: 
TechSverige and AI Sweden

This year's program is based on what is happening in the USA and is followed by presentations of Swedish cases and a discussion about what the development looks like at home.

Date: November 18th
Time: 15: 00-16: 30
Location: Digital, link to the broadcast is emailed to registered



The importance of AI for the development of society Åsa Zetterberg, union director TechSverige and Martin Svensson, co-director AI Sweden

How does Sweden stand in the international AI landscape?
Sara Mazur, Chair, WASP

International outlook
How is the U.S. driving the development of applied AI?
Bryan Reimer, Research Scientist, MIT

What is happening in Sweden? Concrete case
Presentations and panel discussions
Petra Ottosson, Head Of Operations Global AI Accelerator, Ericsson
Marcus Matteby, CIO, Sundsvall Municipality
Herman Sundqvist, Director General, Swedish Forest Agency

How politics creates the best possible conditions
Lisa Nåbo, union president SSU
Matilda Ekeblad, union president MUF

This year's AI Swedish
Award ceremony in AI Swedish of the Year 2021
Åsa Zetterberg, chairman of the jury and Markus Lingman, chief physician and strategist, Region Halland (AI 2020 of the Year 2020)


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