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AI for owners, boards and management


In the United States, the AI ​​revolution has been going on for a few years and major changes in industry after industry. Retail, finance, entertainment, healthcare, agriculture and the travel industry have seen new business models and market players based on AI.

Arranged by: 
The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise & AI Sweden

AI has delivered new values ​​to customers but at the same time completely changed the conditions for some of the previously strongest brands.

In addition to companies being affected by the fact that industry colleagues can offer different products and services, companies are facing new competition from their own suppliers and customers. But above all, you see how the really big AI companies take significant market shares and how niche new companies challenge established patterns.

At the same time, there are opportunities for all companies to benefit from AI in the form of, for example, predictive maintenance, insights about their own operations, personal management of customers, reduced administration and more satisfied employees.


Göran Lindsjö, AI Sweden 

Anna Mossberg, CEO Sweden

Christian Björkman, CEO Nordic Tech Fund Group

Date: December 6
Time: 10.30-12.00 am 



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