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AI Insight seminar: Overview of AI Strategy & Architecture

AI Innovation of Sweden, Lindholmspiren 11, Gothenburg

For this seminar we have invited Sorin Cheran, PhD in AI at HPE. Sorin will talk about AI strategy & Architecture and how it can be implemented to create and support a “data factory”.

Arranged by: 
AI Innovation of Sweden and Zenuity

Enterprises today find themselves in various stages of their AI journey. Most are in the investigation phase where they are looking on which usecases to choose and which skills are needed. A segment are in the Proof of Concept mode where trials and models are run to understand the business outcomes. A very small fraction of customer are actually in production as over 60% of models developed with the intention of operationalizing them were never actually operationalized.

HPE’s target for AI is to make it simple for the customers to bring it and maintain it in production. This is done using an end to end stack that allows the users to build using tools and libraries, train on cluster on containers or bare metal, deploy on the edge devices , monitor and maintain models. In this presentation we are going to discuss HPE’s strategy for productionizing AI.


Sorin Cheran, PhD in AI at HPE

Sorin Cheran has been supporting customers worldwide and is currently leading an involved in key AI projects. In the past years Sorin has been driving the Artificial Intelligence in HPE at the European level and in some cases worldwide. 

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