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AI to the future

4 December 2019 09:00 to 12:00
Birger Jarl Conference, Stockholm
One of the major next big shifts spells AI. It’s crucial for Sweden, and Europe, to develop our AI capacity. Startups are a major component in this disruptive movement, and we need to understand our AI-startups and their needs to be able to support their growth.

Welcome to an interactive session where we will be inspired by the German top incubator and accelerator UnternehmerTUM and their initiative AppliedAI. AppliedAI has developed an AI startup mapping, to continuously have an up-to-date visualisation of the status of the AI startup landscape in Germany.

The AppliedAI-map serves as a quality stamp for the qualifying startups, important intel for the innovation ecosystem, investors, government and academia, and a guide for stakeholders within the private and public sectors who want to collaborate with AI-startups. UK and other countries are now following suit.

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Arranged by Ignite Sweden.