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AI Factory - opportunities and challenges


Based on research and innovation, a concept is now being developed for the use of new technologies on a digital platform called the AI ​​Factory.

Arranged by: 
Applied AI DIH North (Luleå University of Technology)

The platform will be used to facilitate fact-based, data-driven decisions. The goal is for the process to be automated for analysis and support for decisions for operation and maintenance in order to achieve increased durability, reliability and capacity.

The basic idea is that the universal part of AI Factory can be specially adapted for several industries, based on their different needs to accelerate digitization of different work processes by jointly sharing data and increasing the use of AI technology.

Saab Aeronautics participates as an industry example. (Olov Candell, Technology and Innovation Management, Saab Aeronautics)


Welcome to join the webinar with Applied AI DIH North (Luleå University of Technology).

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