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AI Ethics - A demarcation problem for moral agency?

26 November 2019 13:15 to 14:15
EA, lecture hall, Hörsalsvägen 11, EDIT
Welcome to the fifth seminar under the theme: AI ETHICS at Chalmers, with the speaker Dorna Behdadi, Doctoral student, Philosophy and Philology unit at Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, Theory of Science at the University of Gothenburg.

Dorna Behdadi's dissertation project focuses on the question of moral agency in other entities than human beings. What non-human beings can be morally responsible for their actions? Can other animals be moral agents? What about artificial entities like robots or intelligent programs? If any non-human entities are in fact moral agents, is their moral agency the same as ours? Or do they earn it by meeting a modified or wholly different set of criteria? What ethical, legal and social consequences follows?.

Day & time: Tuesday 26 November, 13:15-14:15
Place: EA, lecture hall, Hörsalsvägen 11, EDIT

Welcome! (no registration required)

Arranged by CHAIR Chalmers AI Research Center.