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AI and Policy Development


The AI ​​@ ORU seminar series is back on October 7 between 12 and 13 p.m.

Arranged by: 
ORU Innovation Arena

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to create new sectors of the economy, revitalize industries, and drive profound economic impact and quality-of-life improvements worldwide. Equally irrefutable are the societal, legal, ethical, geopolitical, and policy challenges that AI technologies have brought to the fore – aspects of which might not have existed just a few years or even a few months ago. Governments, civil societies, and the private sector around the globe are engaged in active conversations and collaborations to determine where and how AI fits into existing norms and regulatory frameworks or where new ones are needed.

This talk will provide an overview of the U.S. Department of State’s policies, priorities, and activities in AI, and in general, how the United States government is engaged in policies that promote the trustworthy and responsible design, development, and deployment of AI in line with democratic values and respect for human rights. Additionally, the speaker will share his thoughts on areas of collaboration and opportunities between Sweden and the United States.

Raj Madhavan is an executive AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow and Program Analyst with the U.S. Department of State’s Division for International Communications and Information Policy in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs where he is actively involved in the formulation, coordination, and oversight of policy related to emerging technologies, ICTs, and digital economy.


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