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Through initiating projects of national interest, providing targeted training for our partners and the general public, and making available the use of our data factory, we pursue our mission of accelerating the use of AI in Sweden. 

We want to contribute to a culture of sharing, cooperation, and action in the Swedish AI-ecosystem. In the end, the purpose of our efforts is to improve the quality of life for all people living in Sweden.

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Engage in projects within our project portfolio

This partner offer is at the core of our operations and is directed to all partners. As a partner you can benefit from using us to initiate projects, develop your project ideas, apply for funding and make use of our project management expertise. Engaging in a project is a great way of raising the level of understanding on how to apply AI in your context.

More about our projects

Collaborate in the Data Factory

The Data Factory is a unique asset accelerating applied AI research and innovation by catalyzing sharing and access to data in all dimensions. It is available to all our partners and enables them to raise their understanding of the technological infrastructure, legal frameworks and know-how of managing and accessing large and complex datasets. 

More about the Data Factory

Accelerate your knowledge in our Training Programs

To accelerate applied AI in Sweden as a whole as well as in specific organisations, knowledge and understanding of the field on different levels is key. Our training programs are directed towards different target groups - some are exclusive and aimed att specific individuals in a specific category of partners, while som are free and open to the public but still hold great value for partners on a more general level. 

More about our training programs

Accelerate through collaboration with innovative startups

“Startups may be small companies, but they have an important role in creating growth and innovation.” The Startup Program is an initiative to support the acceleration of Swedish AI startups. The program focuses on helping relevant Swedish startups with training in the field of AI, connections that can help them to accelerate their technology and business.

More about our Startup Program

Legal Expert Group

As part of the work with the Data Factory AI Sweden invites partners to be part of a group of legal experts exploring challenging legal questions related to AI, data sharing and GDPR. 

More about the Legal Expert Group

Accelerate your business in our Executive AI Accelerator

We truly believe that knowledge is one of the foundations in accelerating the implementation of AI in the Swedish industry and welfare. Building up confidence and skills among the professionals to apply AI in their organizations is key. That is why we have the special group - Executive AI Accelerator, exclusive for corporate executives.

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Want to know more about becoming a Partner?

We can support partners and accelerating applied AI together in many ways.

Explore all the potential ways of how we can work together in a partnership. Set up a call with one of our Node Managers to find out more. 

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