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Focus Group Law - Network for legal questions

Please note: This network is currently not active.

Focus Group Law is a network within AI Sweden that gathers individuals from our partner organizations, eager to collaborate within law related to data and AI. 

Focus Group Law - Network for legal questions

The group consists of lawyers, researchers in law, and other persons with an interest in legal questions. The focus group can and is encouraged to, suggest initiatives or projects that AI Sweden should run.

The focus group is for partners, but anyone may invite experts/speakers from other organizations to specific meetings. All partner organizations can send one or several employees to participate. 

Convening leader 2020: Josefine Rembsgård, AI Sweden


  • All partners in AI Sweden can take part in different Special Interest Groups.
  • The group has one convening leader of the group. This leadership is rotated each year. The leader must represent a partner organization.
  • One member from the management team of AI Sweden participates in each group but is not the leader.
  • Non-partner persons can be adjunct participants if all partners in the group find it valuable to include that special expert.

Interested to join?

Are you a partner and interested in joining the group? Please contact us.

Josefine Rembsgård
Josefine Rembsgård
Legal coordinator, LLM
+46 (0)72-397 00 34