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FAQ Data Factory

Here you will find our most frequently asked questions and corresponding answers. Please check back frequently for the latest updates.


What is the “Data Factory” and what does it do?

The Data Factory is our common name for the technological infrastructure, data, legal frameworks and know-how of managing and accessing large and complex datasets. It enables partners to donate data, access data and to use storage and compute power for AI projects. The Data Factory of AI Innovation of Sweden provides the infrastructure, tool chains, user interfaces, datasets, etc. that are necessary to develop the solutions and research that the partners of AI Innovation of Sweden desire. The Data Factory is currently in a pilot phase and is under constant development. Please check back frequently for the latest updates. Read more about the Data Factory

Who will have access to the Data Factory?

Partners of AI Innovation of Sweden (national and international) will have access to the Data Factory infrastructure. However, in certain cases, there can be export control rules, etc. that may limit access for certain individuals or organizations. 

How do I get access to the Data Factory?

First of all, your organization must be a partner of AI Innovation of Sweden. When you are a partner, please contact us to discuss the project and the access you are interested in to determine where, when and at what cost you may be able to use the resources of the Data Factory. For technical questions about acess to the access to the Data Factory, please contact our partner CGit.

Who will have access to the datasets?

There are two “filters” which determine who can access the data. First, anyone requesting access must be an employee or affiliate (e.g., student) of a partner of AI Innovation of Sweden. Second, each dataset comes with a set of terms and conditions that are stipulated by its donor. Sometimes donors can restrict who has access to their dataset where AI Innovation of Sweden must follow the donor’s set rules.

How do I become a partner?

Please reach out to the regional Node Manager at the node closest to you to become a partner. 

What does it cost to use the Data Factory? 

As AI Innovation of Sweden is a non-profit organisation, a generous cost structure to help cover the costs when using the infrastructure of the Data Factory will be applied to partners. Any surplus generated from the Data Factory will be re-invested in the Data Factory to ensure it maintains state-of-the-art technology. The cost-structure for using the Data Factory is under development. Please contact us to discuss your specific case. 

How do you work with securing that the data is unbiased, anonymized and safe etc.?

AI Innovation of Sweden receives donated data and makes this data available in accordance with the rules set by the donor of each dataset. AI Innovation of Sweden requires that any data that is donated complies with all regulations – thus each donor is responsible for their donation. We constantly work with the legal questions related to sharing data, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), etc. to address compliance requirements.

What datasets are available?

This is constantly changing. An updated list will be published shortly.Read more about the datasets here

What are the datalabs?

The datalabs are projects to create a data structure for specific industries that can be used for innovation. These labs are funded by Vinnova. A list of funded datalabs is available here 

What projects have been done?

Check the project website for ongoing and completed projects.

What infrastructure is used for the Data Factory today?

Since 2019, we have been operating a pilot Data Factory comprising one DGX-1 through a donation from our partner CGit. This has enabled us to provide 1 PetaFLOPS capacity (40 000+ cores) to our partners. 

The current Data Factory implementation has the following:


During 2020, we will maintain the pilot Data Factory that started in 2019 and add more capacity. Please check back frequently for the latest updates. 

What is the vision for the Data Factory going forward?

AI Innovation of Sweden is launching a project, “Data Factory 2021”, to establish the starting point of our full scale Data Factory. It is expected that this Data Factory will start operating in 2021. This should add complementary capacity to the Swedish AI ecosystem, be set up to include rapidly evolving new technology and position itself as an international benchmark of how to set up a highly valuable data factory. Data Factory 2021 will be a resource and a testbed for partners to explore data factory solutions and will be a national resource in knowledge as well as provide technical and legal guidelines related to the establishment and use of data factories. 

Where is the Data Factory geographically situated?

The Data Factory is accessible from all of Sweden for our partners and the current infrastructure is situated with our partner CGit in the Gothenburg-area, Sweden. 

How do I go about making a donation to the Data Factory?

Please contact us if you are interested in donating a dataset to the Data Factory. 


More questions?

  • Ebba Josefson Lindqvist

    Project Manager Data Factory

    ebba [dot] josefson [at] ai [dot] se 46 (0) 732 54 29 03