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The Swedish National AI Data Factory

Through the Data Factory we accelerate the development of AI in Sweden. The Data Factory comprises the technological infrastructure, data, legal frameworks and know-how of managing and accessing large and complex datasets. It enables our partners to donate data, access data and to use storage and compute power for AI projects. 

Put in another way, the Data Factory provides the infrastructure, tool chains, user interfaces and datasets that are necessary to conduct the research and develop whatever solutions that the partners of AI Innovation of Sweden desire. 

Today, our partners can use the Data Factory for the following:

  • Donate datasets and models
  • Use donated datasets and models
  • Develop and test models on donated datasets or your own datasets
  • Run pilot projects on your own or together with other partners
  • Raise your organisations know-how of how to set up and run your own data factory
  • Use compute power and infrastructure to solve challenges through co-organising hackathons together with AI Innovation of Sweden
  • Use the Data Factory for research projects or for master thesis student projects

The resources provided through the Data Factory are available to all partners of AI Innovation of Sweden across geographical boundaries in Sweden and internationally. If you are a partner and want to make use of any of the activities above, please reach out.

Legal Expert Group

As part of the work with the Data Factory AI Innovation of Sweden invites partners to be part of a group of legal experts exploring challenging legal questions related to AI, data sharing and GDPR. If you, as a partner, are interested in participating please reach out.

Future of the Data Factory

AI Innovation of Sweden is developing the Data Factory to also become a national testbed. It will include rapidly evolving new technology and position itself as an international benchmark of how to set up a highly valuable data factory.

The future Data Factory will be a resource and a testbed for partners to learn and further explore data factory solutions and will be a national resource in knowledge as well as provide technical and legal guidelines related to the establishment and use of data factories.


During the time AI Innovation of Sweden has been up and running some very interesting projects have been done. Beside the more long term projects, a great way for us and our partners to accelerate the use of data and the development of algorithms is to host hackathons. Teams of developers are invited to use the computational power and infrastructure of the Data Factory to boost the use of data and come up with new AI solutions to problems. 


Become a partner and engage in the Data Factory

If you are interested in becoming a partner of AI Innovation of Sweden, getting access to the the partner benefits, including the Data Factory and datasets, or in donating a dataset or a model, please feel free to reach out.

  • Ebba Josefson Lindqvist

    Project Manager Data Factory

    ebba [dot] josefson [at] ai [dot] se 46 (0) 732 54 29 03